Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity

Although I deal with a broad variety of issues, I specialise in Gender and Sexual Diversity. I am part of the HM Courts & Tribunals Service List of Specialists in the Field of Gender Dysphoria.  I am a Member of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (BAGIS) and a member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

For a number of years I worked at the NHS Adult Gender Identity Clinic in London. I have supported over 600 trans, non-binary, and gender questioning individuals to make sense of their circumstances, providing practical strategies to deal with issues such as: managing dysphoria, coming out, fears of being ‘clocked’, internalised transphobia, and so on. I am aware of the difficulties that transitioning can bring not only to the person that is questioning their gender and/or sexuality, but to those around them and for this reason, I also facilitate family and couple/relational therapy.

Aside from therapy, I also provide psychological assessments for clients wishing to access gender-affirming interventions such as hormone replacement therapy, or surgery. You can find out more about this on ‘What to expect?

I am passionate about the dissemination of knowledge about diversity as it is key to challenging stigma, this is why I co-founded Affirm — an online training platform for healthcare professionals who wish to learn ways of supporting trans and non-binary people, providing ethical, affirmative, and compassionate care.