What to expect?

What to expect from psychological therapy?

I will help you view yourself as a whole, getting to know in what way you relate to yourself, your emotions, bodily reactions, and those around you. We will unpick the core messages that loudly or quietly you tell yourself about your potential for change. We will try and locate when and where these messages originated and most importantly, how have they managed to stay alive. Lastly, I will help you draw a plan to challenge these patterns, positively shifting your self-esteem and relationships.

What to expect from our first meeting?

I provide psychological therapy via video-conference, or via telephone. Remote psychological therapy has been shown to be as effective as in-person.

We will meet for 50 minutes during which we will address the reason why you are seeking therapy, any ambivalence to engage, and expectations. You will have the opportunity to ask questions related to my expertise and together, we can assess if I am the right person to support you.

What to expected from gender-related consultations?

I work collaboratively with clients wishing to embark in the transition process. I understand that it can be emotional, challenging, and often frustrating to navigate the system. For this reason, I aim to hold your hand while we make sense of your experience of gender-diversity and dysphoria. I take a person-centered and compassionate approach to the delivery of assessments and support.

Fees, terms and forms of payment

Payment can be made in cash and/or by bank transfer prior to the the appointment.

Courses of therapyPrice
Individual therapy session £130 per session (50 minutes)
Individual therapy via insurance£150 per session (50 minutes)
Couple, Relational or Family Therapy£150 per session (50 minutes)
Clinical Supervision£150 per session (50 minutes)
Consultation typeIncludesPrice
Psychological evaluation for endorsement of gender-related interventions– 1 Consultation of up to 80 min
– Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and/or Gender Incongruence
– Assessment of suitability to access one type of gender-related intervention (i.e. hormone replacement therapy or surgery)
– Assessment report
Assessment of Gender Dysphoria and/or Gender Incongruence (only) – 1 Consultation of up to 50 min
– Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and/or Gender Incongruence
– Assessment report
Follow-up consultations – 1 Consultation of up to 50 min
Usually required with complex presentations, or when being assessed for an additional gender-affirming intervention after having completed a diagnosis
Single-session consultation – 1 Consultation of up to 50 min suitable for individuals who wish to explore the steps to take in order to transition, obtain advice and psychological support£150

Cancelations or not attended sessions as part of a course of therapy offering 24 hours’ notice or more, are free of charge. Less than 24 hours’ notice, will incur 100% of the cost.

Cancelations or not attended gender-related consultations offering 7 days’ notice or more, are free of charge. Due to holding waiting times of several weeks, less than 7 days’ notice, will incur 100% of the cost.