Public Speaking

As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a specialisation in gender, sexual, and relationship diversity, I have had the privilege of addressing clinical, corporate, and academic audiences through talks, keynotes, and training sessions. My approach to public speaking is rooted in clarity and passion. I firmly believe that articulating complex ideas in accessible terms not only ensures understanding but also resonates with a wider audience.

Driven by a desire to share knowledge, I co-wrote ‘Gender Affirming Therapy: A Guide to What Transgender and Non-Binary People Can Teach Us‘. In addition, I co-founded ‘Affirm‘, an online training platform designed to equip healthcare professionals with the tools and understanding needed to work ethically and effectively with gender-diverse clients. 

My insights and expertise have also been featured in various media outlets. If you are seeking a speaker who can deliver an inspiring talk, keynote, or training session, or if you wish to feature my work in media, I invite you to get in touch.