“Seeking access to gender-affirming care can be dehumanising and frustrating, and healthcare providers are often slow to reply or even rude. But my experiences with Laura Scarrone were the absolute opposite: she was consistently helpful, polite, and knowledgeable in all our interactions. In our appointment, she quickly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable answering her questions honestly and in depth. It felt like she had my best interests at heart and that she wanted to understand my problems from a drive to help rather than a hostile or sceptical attitude. By the end of the meeting, I had a stronger idea of how to move forward with my transition. Talking through difficult feelings and uncomfortable histories with Laura was an empowering experience, even though I am in a very vulnerable place at this stage of my transition. Laura was also very good at answering questions before and after the appointment. The report and passport letter were produced in good time, which was really helpful in moving forward in my transition. Overall, I am very glad I chose Laura for my psychological assessment and would easily recommend her to others in a similar position.”

“Throughout the whole consultation I felt comfortable and was able to talk openly as Laura was very friendly and accepting. She’s really helped me with my diagnosis and accessing hormone replacement therapy, but also helped me understand more about myself and how to support myself during my transition. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I cannot thank her enough for the support.”

“I was very apprehensive about my appointment, considering everything I’d read online about others’, but I shouldn’t have worried at all. Laura is  very comforting and super understanding. She managed to create a really safe environment – even through video call – where I felt able to open up and be honest about my experiences and vulnerabilities. At no point did I feel like I was being judged or picked apart, and everything we talked about or delved into was met with one hundred percent empathy. It’s the first appointment I’ve walked away from, feeling truly happy. Her communication is excellent as well, friendly and professional, and at no point was I left waiting around wondering what might happen next. She did a really excellent job of holding my hand and supporting me through each step, making the entire process a delight from start to finish. It feels like such a relief to find someone like Laura who genuinely cares. There is no one else I would trust with my care, and I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“Laura was great at putting me at ease at the beginning of the session, she was very knowledgeable of all trans related issues and listened with kindness and compassion, she is friendly and professional, really made me feel seen and understood.”

“I sought out Laura to assess and refer me for gender affirming treatments. From the offset, she was informative and empathetic, explaining every step of the process with clarity and compassion. Even as somebody who becomes easily overwhelmed by paperwork, I found the process so much easier thanks to Laura’s clear instructions and warm nature. Our appointment via zoom was extensive, yet it didn’t ever feel overly clinical. That is to say, Laura was very easy to talk to and she was able to summarise my experiences and feelings even more coherently than me, which was incredibly validating. I felt truly heard, understood and safe under Laura’s support, and I would 100% recommend her to anybody seeking an assessment for gender dysphoria, or indeed for any other psychological therapies.”

“I was extremely nervous going into my consultation, and despite all my research, I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but Laura was genuinely wonderful to talk to, and most of my lingering nerves had melted away within minutes of starting the appointment. Laura is incredibly kind and understanding, and always made sure that I was comfortable and that she never pushed me too far  during the appointment. By the time it was over, I felt so much lighter, and so much more alive than before. I finally have hope again, and that is all thanks to her!”

“I had my evaluation and referral with Laura, and am beyond pleased with the service she provided. Booking in was straightforward and well explained, and communication was superb whenever I had any questions. The appointment was really fantastic. Laura made me feel comfortable and listened to throughout. She was very understanding of my experiences and my emotions.  I truly only have positive things to say, and will absolutely be recommending Laura where I can in the future. Thank you!”

“My experience with Laura was very positive – She has a very professional yet relaxed and warm demeanour which put me at ease very quickly despite having been quite nervous before the appointment. As a non-binary person seeking to transition medically, I was a bit concerned about accessing HRT and how knowledgeable and understanding the psychologist would be, as I am used to having to explain and justify my identity, and have heard very negative stories of gender specialists dismissing people’s experiences for not fitting within the standard binary, but it proved to not be an issue in this case. Overall my experience engaging with this consultation has felt collaborative and open, and I would absolutely recommend Laura to anyone going through a similar journey!”

“Laura has been there for me from the moment I applied for my appointment, always eager to answer any questions I might have and offer advice where I might need it, and I genuinely could not have asked for a better psychologist!”

“It was my first time talking to a gender specialist and I was very nervous the weeks leading up to our assessment meeting. Since the first minute, Laura was able to make me feel at ease, the anxiety and tension immediately vanished. She made me feel heard and understood by creating a respectful and safe space around our conversation. I was able to open up in total honesty, with no hesitation. Even when the questions to assess my gender dysphoria got very private, they never felt invasive thanks to Laura’s empathy and ability to listen. At the end of our meeting, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. It is nice to know there are people like Laura working within trans healthcare, people that we can trust and that prioritise our wellbeing, by understanding how vital it is for us to access gender affirming care.”

“Laura was wonderful. She was flexible with times, had a friendly attitude and made sure to create a safe space where I was comfortable (before we started). She asked questions that made me think, pushed when she needed to but was kind all the while. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

“When starting my process of HRT, I was incredibly nervous of what others would think when referring myself. I decided to take my process further by talking to Laura Scarrone for my referral. When talking to Laura I felt at ease. She helped to me though each step of the process and reassured me that there was nothing to be anxious about. She asked me a series of questions about my life and my transition which helped me put everything in a timeline. I wasn’t ever pressured by her to say anything and I felt comfortable to open up and tell her everything about my life to help further my transition. I never thought I’d ever reach this step in my life, but with the wonderful help of Laura it was made a reality for me. I couldn’t be more thankful for her help and I would recommend her for anyone needing the same help as I did, making this much needed step in my life.”

“I have had a lovely and easy time engaging with Laura. Communication through emails was always fast, and I felt thoroughly prepared for our zoom meeting before it happened.  I was immediately at ease as we spoke, felt understood and never judged. I am glad Laura was the person to help me with this part of my journey, as such a daunting process was made into a stress-free one.”

“First off, I just want to thank Laura for all the help during our session. I felt able to be myself in the setting, regardless of the anxiety and other stresses I had coming into it, being autistic. I felt very heard by Laura throughout the session, and in the time leading up to it. This was especially important to me when we had to rearrange times, as it was done quickly and seamlessly. The speed is what I was really thankful for, though, as we were able to cover everything in one session (which I feared would take three or four, due to prior experience getting things done medically). I’d definitely recommend Laura to anyone seeking a private consultation for gender related care, especially for surgery and treatment endorsement.”

“Laura took me through the process of a diagnosis of gender incongruence with kindness throughout the process. I was nervous about having to discuss deep-seated aspects of my personality and experience but I never felt that the process was invasive or that I was being judged. I had space to be myself and to explain my understanding of my own identity, which was related back to the criteria in the diagnosis in a natural and affirming manner.”

“Laura replied to any enquiries through emails quickly and thoughtfully, making sure I had everything needed before the appointment. She was patient and understanding, addressing any concerns or difficult topics with empathetic professionalism. Truly made a nerve-wracking experience much easier!”

“I knew that I was at a point in my life where I needed a psychological assessment to access important care, but was overwhelmed at where to start. I was apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Psychologist. Luckily I contacted a company who suggested that I apply to Laura for this assessment, and she quickly proved to me that my fears were misplaced. All communication prior to our session together was fast and discreet, and she made sure to explain everything in full or provide the needed information on her website. During our session together she was extremely understanding and attentive to my needs, and continuously proved that she was knowledgeable in her subject. She gave me the time that I needed to process my feelings throughout the session, and was very non-judgemental of my situation. She was extremely efficient and provided me with my assessment within 24hrs of her receiving all necessary information. Thanks to Laura I now have access to the care that I need, and I both hope to work with her again in the future, and shall recommend her to anyone seeking a similar assessment.”

“I’m very lucky to have corresponded with Laura as she was super friendly and easy to talk to. It is quite intimidating going into your first gender appointment but Laura helped me feel very much at ease. She genuinely listens to you and makes you feel heard. She created a very open, comfortable and safe space to discuss aspects of my gender dysphoria. Additionally, she is very responsive and is willing to help with any queries. She has helped guide me through the process of receiving a gender incongruence report and helping me with other aspects of my transition.”

“The process of getting my gender dysphoria diagnosis was made much easier due to Laura’s ability to put me at ease. I was incredibly nervous going into the appointment however, despite how difficult some of the conversations we had were, I felt fully supported throughout.”

“I contacted Laura for a gender dysphoria assessment and found the whole process to be very welcoming and much easier than what I had built it up to be in my head. Accessing healthcare is intimidating and overwhelming for me but Laura’s clear and kind communication immediately made me feel comfortable and any questions I had were answered very quickly. Laura’s compassionate and friendly nature made the consultation itself feel more like a chat than the interrogation I feared, which settled my nerves and made me feel much more at ease.”

“Prior to my consultation with Laura, I was quite nervous, as I hadn’t had a consultation before with regards to my transition, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Laura immediately helped me feel at ease at the start of the video consultation and was kind and respectful throughout our meeting. She was very knowledgeable about gender-related issues and interventions, and I came away from the meeting feeling validated and more confident in my next steps. She produced the report and letter I requested on the same day as the meeting, which allowed me to get started straight away in getting the support and documentation I needed. Laura gave helpful advice for both the emotional and practical problems I was facing related to my transition, and I would highly recommend her to others seeking support from a qualified professional in the gender field.”

“I saw Laura for an assessment of gender dysphoria and referral for HRT. She was friendly and understanding which was really helpful as I often feel anxious prior to consultations. Her communication was always prompt and, after my referral, she offered to write a letter in support of my new passport without me asking which I appreciated a lot. It’s clear that Laura is invested in supporting her clients so I’d definitely recommend her.”